Generation 2030

Trend G (Different is Good)

Different is Good

Changing values and ideologies are slowly releasing older social norms and a new, emergent order is taking shape. As Canadians, we have always valued diversity, but we are now better able to see that true inclusion and equity are key to supporting a resilient future for the country. This means that on a societal level, we are seeking to build more equitable systems and institutions that reflect the realities of many experiences, and that are not built to suit a single, dominant culture.

Possible Implications:

  • Kids today will grow up being exposed to greater openness and diversity.

  • Young people may be more sought after and engaged in work and decision-making because their age gives them unique perspectives and diverse contributions to creative and analytical thinking.

  • A backlash against this shift could also develop, making communities more hostile towards children who fall outside of the perceived norm.


How new is this trend?

This is just developing, but change happens fast. If you pay attention to the media, you may see stories about this now.



Acknowledgement of Interconnectedness

As our world becomes increasingly complex and global, we have become more aware of the ways in which humans are interconnected with each other, plants, animals, and other elements of the natural world. This awareness is driving change in policy, societal values, and behaviours.


Social inequity and the increased acknowledgement of discrimination against different groups of people is a strong driver in our present day. Inequity in Canada impacts politics, communities, health, and education.


Mechanistic to Holistic Thinking

Since the Industrial Revolution, Western society has embraced a mechanistic view of organizations and communities, breaking systems down and defining a system by its specific parts. A shift is occurring towards holistic thinking, which addresses the complexity, ambiguity and connections between elements within a system. This shift is changing the ways we understand and approach the world around us.