Generation 2030

Trend H (Our Shrinking World)

Our Shrinking World

All kinds of technology are making our world seem smaller and more closely connected. Developments in quantum physics are bringing teleportation of objects much closer to a reality. New forms of high speed trains and space travel will radically reduce the time it takes to travel from one side of the planet to another, and create opportunities to visit other planets. In addition, Google translate earbuds are being developed to enable instantaneous communication between people speaking different languages.

Possible Implications:

  • These technological advancements will build stronger connections between people across the globe, in economic, political, and social spheres.

  • More children may have greater access to international travel and different cultural experiences because of increased ease of long-distance travel and communication.

  • This may increase our interdependence, enabling us to understand and empathize with people around the world.

  • These developments could also increase disparity between those who can afford to jet around the planet, and those who cannot.


How new is this trend?

This is regularly in the news or seen on social media. If you haven’t already heard about this, you probably will soon.



What's driving these trends?

Drivers are forces that create change. These can be things like shifting populations and demographics of an area, or cultural movements and stories that we rely on to shape how we believe. Drivers are often the “causes” behind the trends and signals we observe through our scan.


Integration of Technology

Technology, particularly computing devices and capabilities are becoming more pervasive and embedded in all aspects of our lives and society. This rapid acceptance of technology is forcing many industries, communities and individuals to change in a variety of ways.


Decentralization, or the redistribution of power, responsibilities, and resources, is driving many changes in government, education, healthcare, and business. Decentralization enables wider participation in systems and decision-making and supports greater diversity. Technology is enabling decentralization through tools such as crowdsourcing platforms, social networks, and blockchain technology.


Connectivity & Processing Speeds

Advancements in technology have created much faster connectivity and processing speeds. These specific achievements have enabled countless innovations in personal computing devices, technology platforms and artificial intelligence, among other things.

Acknowledgement of Interconnectedness

As our world becomes increasingly complex and global, we have become more aware of the ways in which humans are interconnected with each other, plants, animals, and other elements of the natural world. This awareness is driving change in policy, societal values, and behaviours.