Generation 2030

Trend L (Automated Work & Universal Basic Income)

Automated Work and Universal Basic Income

Machines are becoming more capable of doing jobs that humans currently do, in manufacturing and even in desk-jobs. Robots and artificial intelligence can now do everything from building cars, to scheduling meetings, to compiling extensive research on legal cases. As machine learning becomes more advanced and nuanced in its understanding of human language, more and more jobs will be done by computers instead of humans.

Possible implications:

  • Automation of work could result in an extreme increase in unemployment and job loss.

  • Greater disparity and reduced social mobility could result from a reduction in entry-level positions, which could be more easily automated than senior positions.

  • Universal basic income could be funded by taxes paid by corporations with largely automated workforces.

  • If universal basic income is established as a result of widespread automated work, Canadian could become more involved in social innovation and causes that matter to them, since they will have more free time and financial stability.

  • Children are more exposed to marketing and exploited for data, with a lack of consent and a lifelong loss of privacy. 



How new is this trend?

This is just developing, but change happens fast. If you pay attention to the media, you may see stories about this now.



What's driving these trends?

Drivers are forces that create change. These can be things like shifting populations and demographics of an area, or cultural movements and stories that we rely on to shape how we believe. Drivers are often the “causes” behind the trends and signals we observe through our scan.


Integration of Technology

Technology, particularly computing devices and capabilities are becoming more pervasive and embedded in all aspects of our lives and society. This rapid acceptance of technology is forcing many industries, communities and individuals to change in a variety of ways.


Social inequity and the increased acknowledgement of discrimination against different groups of people is a strong driver in our present day. Inequity in Canada impacts politics, communities, health, and education.


Connectivity & Processing Speeds

Advancements in technology have created much faster connectivity and processing speeds. These specific achievements have enabled countless innovations in personal computing devices, technology platforms and artificial intelligence, among other things.