Generation 2030
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About this Project


Generation 2030


We care about improving childhood well-being in Canada.

Currently, Canada ranks 17 out of 29 rich countries on UNICEF’s Index of Child Well-being. That’s why UNICEF Canada has created One Youth and set the bold goal to make Canada #1 on UNICEF’s Index of Child Well-being by 2030.

Why did we set this goal?

Because Canada has the capacity to achieve better and more equitable outcomes for children and, in doing so, will join the ranks of top performing countries on the UNICEF Index.


One Youth is a movement of children, young people and adults who want the best possible opportunities for every young person in Canada.

One Youth will make child and youth well-being a priority across the country.


Taking on root causes and complex challenges can be overwhelming. To make this possible, we must break the challenges into pieces that inspire action. We’re designing and finding solutions that accelerate progress on the greatest challenges in the lives of children and youth.

By collaborating with children and young people to develop new solutions to challenges, One Youth is refining its Design Studio and turning it into a dream-maker. 

With children and youth, we’re creating and demonstrating possibilities and solutions that will help make Canada the best country in the world to grow up.